Open House

August 24, 2017

So many memories were shared today as we said “see ya later” to my Grandpa Larry Schaffer. A sad day, of course, but, in the end, any day surrounded by family and friends is a good day.

Thank you to all that attended today and a special thanks to Tim Gray for sharing this poem. It was written by his dad, Duane S. Gray December 1992 and revised by Tim August 2017. I have yet to read it without a lump in throat.

Open House

This will be my last day here.
You might come and shed a tear;
Or laugh at something in the past,
That helped to make our friendship last.
I hope my fences are all mended,
And enemies have been befriended.
Drop your work and come on in,
And reminisce where we have been.
Remember talks of Nebraska’s weather,
The temperament of a certain horse;
The good and bad times from many a source.
I didn’t get all my work here done;
Nor will you when your time comes.
So give me your time for an hour.
I won’t need praise or pretty flowers.
It will make my children glad
If you can say “I liked your Dad”.

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