Tweetie, April 16, 2013

The “Tweetie Bird Smith” saga…worth the read.

Many of you know that Tilden wished for a “baby bird egg that turns into a baby eagle” for Christmas. Santa brought him a parakeet. COOLEST Christmas morning ever! So, we are bird people now.

Well, Sunday I was cleaning Tweetie’s cage when I decided it needed a good spraying down. I let him out of his cage to fly to the top of the book shelf, but don’t you know he had other plans and flew OUT THE DOOR that I completely forgot to close! So much for clipped wings…he caught an updraft and was out of here!

As any good Mom would do, I jumped in my super cool mini-van and took off in hot pursuit. This is where it gets good….I actually HEARD him tweet as I was inching down the road and, no lie, I actually found him in a neighbors tree about a 1/4 mile down the road. Great, right? NO…he was not coming down. Then, of course, the other neighbors decided to do a little target shooting and the sound of the gunshots scared him out of the tree and into forever land, never to be seen again.

Feeling pretty lame, I took Tilden outside and we filled all the bird feeders and placed a tray of Tweetie’s food next to his cage on the front porch. We prayed for Tweetie at lunch; we prayed for Tweetie at supper; I had to endure the torture of hearing, “Oh, I miss Tweetie, I hope he’s OK…” Yet, I kept telling myself, he wanted to be free, that’s why he didn’t fly down to me while I tried to lure him out of the tree.


Not a word of a lie….today, more than 48 hours later, Tilden looked out the front window and saw a big red cardinal and all the kids came to have a look at him. But, Brayden didn’t spy the cardinal, he spotted TWEETIE in our tree! Then dear Tweetie flew down to the porch and started eating the food we’d strategically placed for him. Needless to say, he allowed us to catch him and now sits peacefully in his cage….actually he’s been napping since he got inside. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!

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