Long-haired Boy

September 5, 2017

Over two years ago this boy started growing his hair out, and we went with it…figuring there are certainly bigger battles to fight in the realm of raising our kids.

As the months went on and a haircut seemed to be nowhere in sight, a goal emerged – he would grow it long enough that he could donate it. With that, once it was long enough to donate, which was sometime ago, we let Tilden decide when he was ready. Once he made that decision, we booked the appointment for this week…the week of his 9th birthday (September 7th).

So much of Tilden’s carefree attitude has shown through in the last few years. He’s been mistaken for a girl more times than we can count and never once has he gotten upset. In the beginning he told us, he was growing it out “to be like Jesus”, and how could we argue with that?! In the end, we are sure proud that he gave up the hair that he really did love to bless someone else.


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