Day 365

November 24, 2017

It’s been a while since I’ve added any musings to FB, so, this is long, as can only be expected when my wheels start turning….

My Mile

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, was Day 365 for “my mile”.

Let me explain…A year ago, my friend Katie and I, challenged the ladies run club we organized to participate in a Run Streak…modeled after the Runner’s World Run Streak that takes place each year, lasting from Thanksgiving Day to New Year’s Day. Many of the amazing women in the group completed the challenge and successfully ran at least one mile every day for the 39 day stretch! Appreciating a good challenge, I decided I’d keep my streak going at least until my birthday on January 30th, then until day 100, then until day 200, then…it just became my norm. Now, here I am, having run at least one mile every day for the last 366 days straight. I thought I’d stop at 365, but now my dog has set expectations higher than any I have for myself, complete with barking and whining 5 minutes before my alarm, so we will just see how long this continues.

Surely, some of you think I must be crazy, but this little challenge has been exactly what I needed this year. Many of you know that I started a new career with Edward Jones in June. That being said, my summer was spent studying to pass the Series 7, Series 66, and Insurance Exams. Most days, this summer, the only exercise and outdoor exposure I got was my mile, but ‘some’ is always better than ‘none’. That small break in the monotony of studying was just what I needed each day to refresh my mind and bring me back to center.

As well, this mile has given me an opportunity to run with my kids more than ever. Knowing I was only going a mile, they were often encouraged to lace up their shoes and tag along. As well, so many miles were run with my great running buddies…too numerous to list them all. You’ll see many of their faces in the montage of pictures I posted.

Speaking of pictures, good heavens, why so many selfies, Emily?! Well, that’s part and parcel of the aforementioned running club…a way of keeping track of and encouraging our members, who run at all times of the day in many different locations.

One last thing. I have a habit of analyzing all that I do. My running is no different. For those that run, you might appreciate the following, fun facts. This mile a day has not only been good for my emotional well-being, it’s been good for my running abilities as well.

*I ran two half marathons during this 365 day streak. I never took a “rest/recovery” day, as is prescribed in most running plans.
*I ran my fastest half marathon ever during this streak, 1:51 at the OKC Memorial.
*I ran my fastest recorded mile during this streak, 7:37.
*While training for halves, the mile allowed me to try different cadences, shoes, insoles, etc.
*I don’t own a treadmill. I ran only 20 days on a treadmill, while in hotels that I didn’t know my surroundings well enough. I love the outdoors…and obviously, run in all weather, in all places. Oh the things that I’ve seen!
*I’ve never been too sick to run. Coincidence?
*I ran through a major ankle sprain for a good month and eventually, the pain subsided and is no longer.
*My days are stuffed full, so most of my running takes place in the dark…before the world wakes up, or after most have tucked-in for the night.

When I let my family know that I thought I’d say something publicly about my mile, Brayden gave me a little ribbin’ and said, “Oh, you’re going to brag on yourself, are you?!” Stinker. No Brayden, I’m hoping to encourage. Maybe there’s someone out there that just needs a little push to challenge themselves in one or way or the other, be it physically or otherwise? Or maybe someone would like to start running, but needs a little encouragement along the way or someone to run with? I hope reading this post will spark an idea in at least one person, and if I can help, please reach out to me.


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