Guy+Emily=16 years and counting

November 25, 2016

On this 16th anniversary of the day I married my Guy, I decided to ask him some questions commonly asked by immigration to verify that your marriage is legitimate and was not a ploy to gain entry into the US.

(FYI: Guy is a permanent resident of the US. Maybe some day he’ll apply for citizenship, so I figure we better start coordinating our answers.)

Where did you meet? 
Snyder, Texas.

What did the two of you have in common? Ummmm….after contemplation, “She’s what makes my heart sing.” ❤️ 🎶 (It took him a few years to realize this, but he’s pretty sure I’m a good catch now.)

Did your parents approve of the marriage? Mine yes. Hers no. (Not true. Mom is a huge fan. The jury is still out on Dad, but he tolerates him as well as any dad can a son-in-law. 😆)

How many alarm clocks do you set in the morning? One…my wife. 

What do each of you eat for breakfast? My wife makes the most wonderful eggs every day. I’m happy to sit and wait for them. 🍳 🙄 #truth

Does your spouse drink coffee? Black and thick enough to put hair on your chest. ☕️ (No hair on my chest, but I do like it black.)

Where do you keep the spare toilet paper? We usually run out. Then there’s a panic. 🚽😳

Looks like I’ll keep him. He seems to know a lot about me and he certainly knows a lot about Us. It’s not always perfect, but it’s our perfect.

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