September 18, 2015 ~ FB Post

I don’t often share my personal opinions on FB, but what I’m about to say has really been on my mind lately, and I’m taking a risk in the hopes that it will make a difference to even one individual, because it certainly made a difference to me.

Last week, I was having a conversation with two seasoned and respected instructors about students. One of them said, “You know how we all have our top-five all-time favorite students? Let me tell you about one of mine….”. We listened while she described a young man of integrity who was respectful to adults and others, responsible, polite, grateful, and a pleasure to be around. The other colleague said, “How do we make sure our own children grow-up to be like that?” Herein lies the question, my friends, and one that, I fear, too few parents actually ever ask themselves.

Spend a day, or even an hour, surrounded by the future generation, and you, too, will notice that there is a problem. The days of “respect your elders” has been replaced with the days of “what can you do for me?” Kids aren’t afraid to say exactly what they think or to demand exactly what they want, at any time. After all, they’re entitled to whatever they set their mind to, right?

One doesn’t need to ponder ‘why’ for long. Logic tells us that the more we give the more that is taken away. Unfortunately, what is being taken are precisely all of the qualities described by my colleague.

Parents want happy children. Life is too busy. Parents feel guilty. So…we give, give, give in a variety of ways. All of this giving without reason and without expectation is doing no good. Rather, there is now a large group of children, youth, and young adults who are brazen, disrespectful, and entitled. I’ll spare the examples, but the gradual decline is disheartening.

Back to the question….how do I make certain I am raising “top-five” kids? I’ve given this a lot of thought and I think there are a few key words and phrases that summarize my goal:
• Faith
• Responsibility – “Expect More”
• Service
• Quality Family Time
• Gratitude

Please add to my list. I welcome advice. If you feel as though you’d rather criticize, please scroll back to the top and read this again. Then open your bible and read Romans 12 – in its entirety – Paul is more eloquent than I.

And while I’m on my soap box….
Eat more fruits and vegetables and less processed food.
Be thankful for your freedoms and respectful to those who have served and currently serve our country.

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